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In the artistic world, the most solitary of disciplines may be that of the writer. There are few premieres or opening nights, gallery exhibits or unveilings. There is just the work, and the elusive promise of success. And occasionally there is community. Since 1997, The Burry Man Writers Center has been a primary source of research information and freelance job leads for working professional and talented beginning writers. The Burry Man is what might be called "intellectual property" — a space where writers visit from 158 countries and every state in the U.S. The Resource Pages are a guide to more than 4,000 first generation Internet sites from the US, Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia and Canada, as well as Asia, Europe, Africa and around the world, to help you in your quest.

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"Writer's Digest named it one of the best Websites for writers, and we agree. Working professionals and new writers from all over the world will find useful articles, books and job information." - Jade Walker, Inscriptions Magazine
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Your Hosts:

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor
Born in Scotland, Jennifer is a writer and editor, award-winning journalist, travel editor and theater and film critic.

Joseph Reed Hayes
The work of playwright and freelance writer Joseph Hayes has been performed in several countries and across America. He writes for print and online publications worldwide.

The Burry Man Writers Center is not a market for fiction, poetry, scripts, memoirs, personal statements, photos, how-to's or anything else: it is a resource for writers. We don't fund work, nor can we tell you where to go for funding beyond what is offered on our pages. In order to avoid possible claims of copyright infringement, unsolicited creative material will not be read.

The Real Burry Man

The Burry Man has a special place in Scottish tradition and folklore. Every August, for centuries, the Burry Man has walked the streets of South Queensferry, Scotland, a village near Edinburgh. The residents believe he will bring luck to the town if they give him whisky and money. We chose to name our center after him to honor this ancient tradition, and the generations of townsfolk who have kept it alive. Burry Man Day is the second Friday in August. Our thanks to Andrew Taylor, John Nicol, Alan Reid, James "Kitter" Magan, John "Jacko" Hart, Sam Corson, Arne Fredricksen, Judith McPhillips (the Wee Burry Man, 1948) and all the other stout men, robust lads and charming lassies who have taken on the mantle of the Burry Man.